Welcome at all-about-hubs.com, the online portal about the fascinating world of geared hubs.

Geared hubs already exist since the end of the 19. century and meanwhile countless millions of those bike gears have been sold and are currently in action. After starting with 2 speeds, meanwhile high tech hubs with 14 speeds are being produced.

Every manufacturer leaves its distinctive scripture: Some hubs are built simply cylindrical, others have a stepped and rounded shell. Some having engraved beautifully decorated company logos, others having striking wing nuts at its journals. A lot of them are audible by a typical klacking, others work nearly soundless - there are even some hubs with which you could ride backwards with several speeds!

Once having opened a hub gives you an impression - besides of dirty hands - of gearwheels and clutches and what you can make them do using ingenious precision mechanics.

Finally some information about this site's structure:
All hubs are shown in the Gallery. In the menu Technical info you will get general information about composition and function of geared hubs by means of many pictures and videos. Technically interested visitors will get their money's worth! and - last but not least - you will find lots of external international Links all around hubs.

This site is meant to be mainly informative and uncommercial. Thus no hubs or parts will be sold thereof.

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